Published: Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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As  the month of Boishakh starts, we formally acknowledge the arrival of the much-dreaded Grisshokaal, with its heat and sweltering humidity. While we are mostly safe indoors, a short walk outside is all Mother Nature needs to remind us that we must always stay prepared to face the heat.

The most effective thing we can do in this case is wear the right clothes. During this season, we opt for the lightest cotton pieces in our wardrobe that allow the passage of air to help keep us cool. However, some people complain that these light fabrics often look a bit worn-out and unfashionable, unlike the thicker fabrics which come in more elaborate designs with embellishments.

But worry not, because there is actually a very simple solution to your dilemma. As Bangladeshi fashion is so focused on embellishment, prints and cuts, less attention is paid to an extremely important element of an outfit: the colour.

c02Colours are the unsung heroes of every summer. Think of those much loved summer colours: bright, bold shades that pop out under the sunlight; and light, soothing pastel shades that will help put you, and the people around you, in a calmer state of mind. Yellow, blue, aqua, green and pink are all crowd favourites this summer, in both pastel and neon shades. Now think of them as monotones, with little or no embellishments; imagine an outfit that just embraces colours, instead of wanting too many things at once to work together.

Colour blocking has been all the rage around the world in the last two years. And it might just be the fashion solution we are looking for this summer.

Saris and kameezes are easily colour-blocked, simply by using a contrasting colour as a blouse or shalwar or orna. Monotone colours also present an excellent opportunity for us to accessorise to our heart’s desire with a unique piece of jewellery, a colourful bag or a printed scarf.

Try avoiding makeup as much as you can during the days, as it’s important to let your skin breathe under all the sweat and grime . A bright or nude lip to compliment your bright coloured outfit is all you need.

The best way to wear your hair this summer would have to be up. Updo’s are not only comfortable but also very fashionable at the moment, with a lot of styles to choose from. You can do a high ponytail, a side ponytail with your bangs swept in the opposite side, a side braid or a sky-high bun. If you still prefer to keep your hair open, the middle hair-parting is not considered a “schoolgirl” look anymore and is an immensely popular look in runways these days, especially if you have some waves in your hair. Tuck some hair behind your ear and wear small studs to complement the overall simplicity of your look.

Always try and choose white when you want to pair your summer top or kameez with the right scarf or trousers. White is a lovely partner to all the aforementioned summer colours and will add to an overall angelic and relaxed look that sets you apart from the crowd.
c03Don’t be a slave to the typical comment of, “Don’t wear white, it will get dirty.” Braving the elements to look your best is one risk a fashionista is always willing to take, unless of course you are running a marathon on a muddy road.

Be a sight for sore eyes this summer by choosing light fabrics in statement colours so that you can not only breathe easy, but look fabulous while doing so. Embrace the beauty of simplicity in a world where complications seem to be everywhere in excesses.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Hridi
Make up and styling: Farzana Shakil
Location: Cilantro



Simmering Summer
What encompasses the summer season in Bangladesh? Sultry winds, vivid colours, darkening clouds and a flurry of activities, are all part and parcel of the longest season.

A welcome respite as the last chilly breeze of January dies out; summer is the rebirth of the sun. The Golden Land we call our home comes to life, as the greenery enveloping the landscape, the carpet of crops and the inimitable songs of the birds ring anew and slowly the land reawakens.

The sweet fragrance of ripe mangoes wafts through the air, while thunder rolls in the background, reminding us of the rains that are about to come. Dandelions float about in the air and spirits are lifted. As the forceful heat of the sun beats down upon us, the last vestiges of our winter slumber are soon put to the rest.

The first break of sweat then reminds us that Summer is finally here. And it has brought along all her bountiful gifts. Summer is here.