Published: Sunday, April 21, 2013

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A Letter to the Politicians

Students of SSC and HSC have suffered due to consecutive hartals. Their exams have been postponed.  But for English medium students who sit under the London board, it becomes even more complicated because there are no chances of our exams being postponed to a later date. If there is dawn to dusk strike we have to sit for the exams at midnight! Sometimes due to consecutive hartals, the examinations get cancelled, which means that we have to register and sit for these cancelled exams in the next session. Many English medium students are from middle class families and it is already hard for some of us to pay once! I earnestly request all the politicians to keep our suffering in mind. The O level and A level students are future voters of the country as well, therefore please keep our request.

Anika Chowdhury
An A level Candidate,