Published: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Anti-terrorism act being changed to deal with hartal violence

Says law minister

The government is amending the anti-terrorism act to make it harsher and to address all forms of terrorism, including hartal violence, the law minister said yesterday.
“Any kind of violence is terrorism,” Barrister Shafique Ahmed told newspersons at his office. “The amendment is aimed at suppressing acts and finance of terror.”
Indiscriminate vandalism, damage to property and violence before and during the hartal day is not a political right, he said, adding that the government would not obstruct any political rallies and demonstrations.
Barrister Shafique spoke to the media after US Ambassador Dan W Mozena called on him.
Mozena, who followed the minister, urged all political parties not to perpetrate violence, particularly against minorities. “Violence is not a part of democracy,” he said.
He conveyed his government’s deepest condolence to the Savar building collapse victims and expressed readiness to help the wounded, particularly by supplying artificial limbs.
Mozena also said USA intended to assist Bangladesh in removing backlogs in the judiciary.