Published: Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Are shoes now a girl’s best friend?

Page 201Forget diamonds, many women are simply satisfied with the idea of a perfect pair of court shoes in their closet. So why are these heels topping the commodity list for women? It is said that ”you put high heels on and you change.”  Shoe designer Manolo was right regarding both a woman’s entire look and her body’s tempo.
Whether it be a friends ‘gaye holud’, a cousin’s housewarming or simply a job interview – the power of versatility lying in court shoes will come to shine.
Here’s how…
For instance a low cut vamp, almond shaped toe and high, stiletto heels (possibly in black, silver or gold) are a wardrobe staple for all the Cinderellas of Dhaka. The pair will work smoothly with either an evening shalwar kameez or skinny jeans and a kurti — adding a strong edge to the outfit.
With an even sharper slim heel and a platform sole (maybe with a daring contrast insert too) a silhouette of a flowing sari will look as classy as ever while a spicy punch to both A’s in the rule book — attire and attitude — are followed. And the additional peep toe front will definitely bring back a classic and vintage touch as this court style comes back from the 1940s.
Platforms can either help tackle the tall heel for women who know their shoes or go against as it lifts one higher. So of course there are some who prefer not to engage in the pain and elevation of a platform altogether — they enjoy ‘Pahela Baishakh’ with great engineered chunky heels or mid-height lengths that are flexible with any kind of festival garment.
Thicker heels and slim soles are a mix of quirky and cosiness in the feet and also gives women confidence to walk as they get so much control from the contemporary edgy block heel. So who said comfortable isn’t stylish? Nobody, and surely not the modern-day Cinderella who has to stay behind after midnight for the bride to depart.
Speaking of edgy — graphic prints and/or positively radiant shoes are a good way to express a playful style through the feet. Bright hues of pink, purple and orange effortlessly complete a monochrome outfit — leaving a signature look that brings out a unique sense of style against the boring, grey palette of any office.
A pointed toe front is certainly another style that catches the eye(and on the safer side). Whether it is a low length heel or a sharp pencil heel, an asymmetric leather point will scream itself ‘elegant and professional’ at any interview, graduation or corporate function. This court shoe has power of its own, lending a fierce feel while remaining very feminine and graceful.
That’s the honourable aspect of court shoes that make women so utterly besotted — despite what they are wearing or the number of pairs they own — that one smart, all-time classic shoe will call the shots.
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