Published: Thursday, May 9, 2013

Arrested Development Returns

To most of us TV viewers, favourite television shows are like family. We might not always like them, but we love them all the same. And if anything, we do love the show that got cancelled seven years ago despite being the best TV show at the time. The day to day lives of the Bluth family was our best friend, the partners in a bad mood and if not those, they were some exceptionally funny people to hang out with.

Of course, FOX cancelled it in 2006, with only three of its hilarious seasons to keep us company. We complain that FOX sabotaged it and they claimed the numerous subplots made the show complicated to follow and the resulting low ratings made the show a target for cancelation. Whatever the cause might be, for the better part of the decade we have fought on the internet and prayed that somehow they would manage a fourth season, or a movie (running the risk of being commercially unviable). However, as it turns out, someone (Netflix) was listening to our pleas, and the fourth season of Arrested Development is going to be released May 26, 2013 and as much as we fans are elated, there still remains a bit of scepticism whether they will be able to pull off the quality of the previous seasons.

When asked about their expectations from the 14-episode season four, Feda Al Hossain said, “Tobias must blue himself again.” Why? Because the never-nude and the blue man group never gets old. Another interesting thing would be to see their new take on the existing storyline because most of it was wrapped up by the end of season three. That is why fans Ishraq Zubair and Shuvom are interested to find out how the chemistry between George Micheal and Maeby changes as the show progresses. Shuvom adds to the list of concerns,” I just hope it wouldn’t seem too alien now. And that the show stays true to its brand of humour.” The viewers have changed, so did the cast, but it remains to be seen whether they can compare, voices Elius.

Arrested Development has been so close to our heart for so long, it seems a bit difficult to reappear with all the changes in format or broadcasting. Still, ‘six seasons and a movie’ might have been put off till now, but a fan can dream, right?