Published: Saturday, April 6, 2013

Attack on 3 more Hindu temples

Religious fanatics vandalised nine idols at three Hindu temples in Pakulla union under Mirzapur upazila of Tangail early yesterday.
Quoting witnesses, police said the criminals entered the Kali Mandir, Ponchayet Puja Mondir and Shib Mondir situated at Moha Shashan (crematorium) on Thursday night after breaking locks of their iron-gates.
They damaged the idols and dragged the severed parts out of the temples.
In the morning, locals found the fragmented idols strewn all over the crematorium at Pakulla village.
The criminals also ransacked the office room of the crematorium.
Golam Mostofa, officer-in-charge of Mirzapur Police Station, said the crematorium authority confirmed that they had no previous enmity with anyone.
“We are investigating the incident and trying to identify the culprits,” he added.
Mohammad Lutfor Rahman, additional deputy commissioner of police of Tangail, visited the spot.
Locals brought out a human chain at Pakulla bus stand yesterday afternoon protesting the vandalism at the temples.
In the wee hours of Tuesday, fanatics set the largest Hindu temple at Bhuapur upazila in Tangail ablaze.
The identity of the culprits could not be confirmed but local Hindus alleged that Jamaat-Shibir men were involved in torching Sarbojonin Kali Mondir at Falda Bazar.
On Monday, criminals destroyed the idol of Hindu goddess Kali in a 250-year-old temple at Sutabaria village of Galachipa upazila in Patuakhali.

  • Mohd Shah Alam Khan, Canada

    Thank you for a beautiful comment. This government means Hasina a power lover lady; want to stay in power and want to make Bangladesh as her Kingdom because her father calls for freedom. Funny mentality of Hasina making us problems; she said something do something else. She said Jamaat Shibir have no power to do politics in Bangladesh; again she said she cannot ban Jamaat. Funny PM I could say Jamaat Shibir lover Hasina nothing else. So that she is not hunting the Temple destroyers and also Hindu killers. Now our back stuck with wall so we must force to walk forward by washing Hasina and Khaleda from politics. Allah is great; Allah Varasha.