Published: Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ban calls for end to violence

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on all parties in Bangladesh to put a stop to violence.
“The secretary-general has been following the recent wave of violence in Bangladesh with increasing concern and is saddened by the loss of life, including during the events that unfolded in Dhaka throughout Sunday and into Monday,” Ban’s spokesperson said in a statement on Monday in New York.
“The secretary-general calls on all concerned to stop the violence, to respect the law and to express their views peacefully.”
According to media reports, the statement said, more than 30 people died and 60 were injured in clashes between police and protesters in Dhaka.
Ban also urged political and religious leaders to “engage in constructive dialogue and help defuse the tensions.”
The clashes erupted just over a week after the Rana Plaza collapse in Savar, which killed more than 730 people.
The United States has expressed concern over the violence in Bangladesh over the weekend and urged the government to ensure safety of all citizens.
“While engaging in peaceful protest is a fundamental democratic right, we firmly believe violence is never the answer,” Acting Deputy Spokesperson of the US State Department Patrick Ventrell told a press briefing in Washington on Monday.
Speaking at the daily briefing, Ventrell said the US looked to the government of Bangladesh for ensuring safety of all its citizens and encouraged all Bangladeshis to peacefully express their views.
About violence, the State Department official said, “We are concerned by the violence in Bangladesh over the weekend, including the violent deaths of at least several individuals.”
He added the US embassy in Dhaka was closely engaging with all parties to urge calm and encourage dialogues.

  • Ali Ahmed

    Ban the violence in Bangladesh with the call of Ban.