Published: Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ban politics of Jamaat

Demand some eminent citizens

Some eminent citizens of the country have demanded a ban on the politics of Jamaat-e-Islami and the quick execution of all war crimes convicts.
They came up with the demand in response to the widespread violence following the hanging of war criminal Abdul Quader Mollah.
They also urged all political parties to refrain from imposing hartals, carrying out destructive activities on railway, roads and houses and from triggering communal violence in the country.
The calls came from a rally organised by Bangladesh Rukhe Darao, a platform of eminent citizens, at the Central Shaheed Minar in the capital yesterday marking the Martyred Intellectuals Day.
Addressing the rally, Prof Anisuzzaman said, “The current government can ban the politics of Jamaat under the anti-terrorism act, as International Crimes Tribunal has already described Jamaat as a criminal organisation.”
Rights activist Sultana Kamal said, “The Jamaat activists have been committing atrocities like killing and burning people since 1971.”
She also urged the political parties not to liaise with Jamaat for political gains.
Asked about the stand of international community over Mollah’s execution, educationist Prof Muhammad Zafar Iqbal recalled how international forces had abused their powers in harming weaker countries.
“On the pretext of finding weapons of mass destruction, the USA carried out destruction in Iraq … The people of this country will have to stand against the anti-liberation forces to keep the dreams of our martyrs alive … They have to come forward to resist Jamaat,” he said.
They also stressed the need for mobilising public opinion to counter the “smear campaigns” run by the anti-liberation elements “to foil the war crimes trials” and “pursue their religion-based politics and violence.”
Later, a mass procession carrying the national flag was brought out from there that ended at Shahbagh.