Published: Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bangladesh In Frames

Exhibition by Through The Lens

The intention of the exhibition organised by Through The Lens: Bangladesh (a community of photographers) is to show what Bangladesh can produce despite it belonging to the “3rd World”. Through their lenses, young Bangladeshi photographers have shown a true and positive picture of people who may not have anything but their smiles and dreams.
There are about 100 young photographers with one aim. The photos were placed at the 1st and 2nd floors of Drik Gallery in Dhanmondi, Dhaka.
Nishat Ara’s entrée shows pink walls, blue bars and an old man sitting and meditating over the past. The next picture is about the night school in Sundarbans. The children, who work by day, hold candles, and study by night; this is done by M.M.Z. Khan and appears all red and black and most dramatic. Tanvir Mahmud Khan brings in a child — covered by the pelting rain. You can almost feel the drops of the water on the child hanging on to a wall. The picture had to be taken in a thousand part of a second or so. The child behind the curtain of water is surely interesting. Behind him is a staircase in a slum.
Ahmed Mahir also has rain for his subject. This was taken in old Dhaka. One sees an old man with his torch, checking out the place. Beside him are shutters, paths and details of porticoes. The next display depicts people at work in a village. Winter birds are seen in the sky. Perhaps the farmers are tending to what appears like rice. The bent over farmers are working on the brown and green paddy.
N.H. Shaikhul Islam’s work shows children. Two young ones are working with fire. One is seen as grey and the other is a haze of black. Hence we see rampant child labour in the country — where often the parents are without work or the children have no parents to send them to school. Avijit Roy depicts a crazy tangle of wires on an electrical pole. This depicts the state of existence in Bangladesh, where so many things like electricity and water supply are in a state of mess.
There is a child looking up, dressed in red, and he is holding a kite. This is in old Dhaka. This was taken during the Paush Shankranti festival. There is the shadow of a man on a raft. The picture is taken from top — from a bridge, probably. The bamboos are tied together to make a raft. This was taken by Al Amin Abu Ashraf. Murtaza Alam has Ray Ban glasses with melting ice around it — an unusual image. There is a man selling clothes in Faisal Kabir’s photo. This was taken in Rajshahi during the winter.
The photos of the ordinary people are taken in an extraordinary way.
The exhibition ended yesterday.