Published: Thursday, May 30, 2013

Restoration of CG system

BNP’s demand illogical: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. File photo

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. File photo

Terming BNP’s demand for reinstatement of the caretaker government system as illogical, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday urged the party leaders to join the House and discuss the polls-time government method.

“The way democratic countries across the world hold elections, polls in Bangladesh will be held in the same way,” said the prime minister, also president of the ruling Awami League.

She was speaking at a view-exchange meeting with the AL grassroots-level leaders of Madaripur district unit at Gono Bhaban in the capital.

Bangladesh Nationalist Party and its key ally, Jamaat-e-Islami, are killing AL leaders and activists intentionally to create instability in the country, Hasina claimed.

“Failing to drum up public support, the opposition party has been creating anarchy in the country,” she added.



  • Ashique

    This is ridiculous. She goes on about how they should come and discuss the means of election, but sends no formal invitation. Don’t expect them to come to the parliament- because discussions over there are simply politicians throwing accusations at each other. AL, do the wise thing and send them a formal invitation. Retreat to peaceful methods. Practice what you all so proudly preach.

  • Saif

    To guarantee fair and just elections there must be care taker government.

  • Shamsi Uzair

    We are Sorry PM! Your demand was same when you were in opposition!

  • Saleh Tanveer

    Madam Prime Minister–it is the same demand for which you were willing to put the nation through so much trouble in 1996 in the name of “Brihottoro Shartho”.

  • MH Khan

    AL accepted the court ruling on care taker Government Issue but ruled out the court’s suggestion which was equally wise. The court suggested the holding of next two elections under care taker Governments before abandoning the interim system. The first one was for the opposition’s consolation and the second one was for AL’s consolation if they lost the first or the next election. The AL should have consulted the opposition before finally sealing off
    the care taker system.

  • Hafizullah

    Hasina is over sure that she is going to be arrested for Padma Bridge Corruption if a CG like the last one comes; so she is trying her best to cancel CG for next election. But she must know the POWER of PEOPLE can throw away an army dictator like Ershad, let alone her.