Published: Wednesday, May 8, 2013


BNP’s two-day hartal call, but why?

Diganta and Islamic TV should be allowed to function

The opposition’s hartal call for today and tomorrow is most baffling. It comes in the backdrop of the nation trying to live down the trauma of Sunday’s stormy events. There were a defiant group of Hefajatis and a determined band of Jamaat-Shibir elements who carried out their destructive swipe leading to a flash-out operation asserting the authority of the government at Shapla Chattor. And, BNP stood by the unruly mob, so to speak, through an unfortunate declaration when they should have called for restraint. This, a political party of its stature was only expected to do.
So, at a time when BNP should have been immersed in introspection, it has called for fresh hartal portending more violence, bleeding on the street and human casualties as if we have not had enough of these already.
To add to the string of hartals, Hefajat-e-Islam has called one for Sunday.
The economy has been sent into a tailspin from which its normalisation itself should have been the job in hand; instead more violence and damage are deliberately courted.
The ostensible reason for the BNP enforcing shutdown is protesting the killings during and after Hefajat-e Islam’s Dhaka siege programme.” Where the BNP has not suffered any casualties it is going out of the way to more than surrogate the former in a callow expression of grief and solidarity. It has spoken of a thousand dead in the flush-out operation without substantiating such a claim with proofs. If anything, this is playing around with something as sacrosanct as religion. With each passing day, the tendency is getting into a habitual part of political gamesmanship, oblivious of the dire consequences it may lead to.
There may be scores of things with which the government can be faulted. Yet, since the AL made the dialogue offer to the opposition, we believe the BNP-led 18-party alliance should refashion its strategy signaling some reciprocity to the Prime Ministerial gesture.
We would like to make a point over the closure of Diganta Television and Islamic TV, which is that we register our protest against such a move, especially having regard to the facts that they were neither served with a show cause notice nor informed of the reason for such a drastic step.

  • Doronto

    It is good to know that Daily star stands against the closure of Digonto and Islamic tv. General people neither like to see killings committed by whomsoever not like to see hartal.