Published: Saturday, June 1, 2013

Both AL, BNP men grabbing khas lands: Qamrul

Qamrul Islam. Star file photo

State Minister for Law Qamrul Islam said on Saturday people grabbing khas lands of the farmers include men from both the Awami League and the BNP.

He said the grabbers do not belong to any party. They become loyal to the party which comes to power, the Bangla daily Prothom Alo reports.

Qamrul was speaking at a roundtable dialogue at a city hotel in Dhaka.

The talks styled “Access of the poor to khas lands and steps to overcome the obstacles” was arranged by Care — a non-government organisation.

Qamrul said there have been specific rules in distributing khas lands among the landless farmers. The main challenge in execution of the rules is the political leadership.

Most of the housing companies, by creating fake papers, grab the khas lands with the support of government officials concerned, the minister said.

Land Minister Rezaul Karim said the laws on lands of the country were made during the colonial period in favour of the rich and landlords which need reforms.

Prof Mejbah Kamal, of history department at Dhaka University, read out the keynote paper in the dialogue.

LARD Executive Director Shamsul Huda, Nijera Kori Coordinator Khushi Kabir and Chairperson of Unnayan Onnesha Rashed Al Mahmud also took part in the dialogue.

  • Dev Saha

    Both parties have given patronage to their party members for all kinds of illegalities. Party membership has become a profitable business for the clients.

  • mass_effect

    Politics should be banned until the people of Bangladesh become mature enough to handle democracy. Otherwise there will always be those unscrupulous amongst us that will use politics and political parties for selfish needs.

    • Akm Bari

      Democracy does not come from vacuum. It is developed through practices of democracy. If politics is banned then there would be no practices of democracy and Bangladesh would remain in the hands of unscrupulous politicians. There is no such thing of people having maturity for politics. People of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh all came from the same environment of politics after British left Indian Subcontinent. Only deferent is Indian politicians think about the betterment of India, Pakistan and Bangladeshi politicians thinks about the betterment of themselves.