Published: Sunday, June 30, 2013

Violating HR

Complaint filed at ICC against PM, 24 others

Two Washington-based organisations have lodged a complaint against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and 24 others with International Criminal Court at the Hague in connection with violating human rights, reported BBC Bangla.
According to the BBC report on Friday night, an American law organisation on behalf of Human Rights and Development for Bangladesh and Bangladeshi-Americans in Greater Washington DC made the complaint before the court.
However, the BBC did not mention when the complaint was lodged or the names of the accused except for Sheikh Hasina.
Quoting the complaint, the BBC said the prime minister was responsible for the killings that took place on February 28, May 5 and 6 and other human rights violations in Bangladesh.
On February 28, Jamaat-Shibir activists clashed with law enforcers protesting against the death sentence given to war criminal Jamaat leader Delawar Hossain Sayedee for crimes against humanity. At least 33 people, including four policemen, were killed and scores more were injured across the country.
On May 5, at least three people were killed when thousands of Hefajat-e Islam men, instigated and bolstered by Jamaat-Shibir activists, went on the rampage in the capital.
The following day, 27 more people, including three policemen, were killed as Hefajat ran amok in Narayanganj, Bagerhat and Chittagong protesting their ejection from Shapla Chattar in the capital early that day.
Hefajat had earlier promised to hold a non-violent rally at Shapla Chattar to protest what it called were anti-religion write-ups of “atheist bloggers”.

  • Reazuddin

    This should be taken as a serious consequence of misconduct for the Prime Minister and her government. The autocracy and misrule has gone beyond its control and we are all alarmed to observe a decaying governance from this ruling party who are now behaving as they did it before.. transforming into a monstrous ruling machinery like BAKSAL. When their good sense will prevail? Nobody knows….

    • Wind

      What the hell you are taking about . You should know that every man has some wrongs no man is not perfect . I can agree that this current incumbent Govt has some wrongs and it is not like serious than the previous govt .

  • Wind

    Yea , fine , LOOK out the past tenure of BNP lead 2001-2006, you will get how much corrupted BNP was that is the most highest in the history of Bangladesh .Do you know the underground leader who is son of Begum Khaledia zia who made Hawa Bhaban that dominated all the sectors of Bangladesh and misguided it that can not be compared by money . HE became billionaire in a few years and his money laundering of poor people in Swiss bank along with other banks.The amount you mentioned is very childish .Be a sound calculator,my friend .The amount of money he laundered , two Padma Bridge at the simultaneously can be made .

    Come back to Begum’s brother .Do you know his name .If you forget ,remember who he was a Don whose name was Sayeed Iskandar who was a sacked major who has a Dandy dying company .This man became a millionaire within couple of years through Zia’s patronization.

    So, You ask yourself how can an army officer a billionaire overnight ? This IS just few example of misconstruction and corruption of two person &there were so many during that time who became millionaire trough killing , cheating , land grabbing and extorting and through illegal business and mafia. you want to say against this is wrong????? Speak and correct me through legal info.

  • Bangla Bright

    I see killings by Awami Leaguers. All such killings are abhorrent no matter when and who does it, these killers must be brought to book. Atleast ICC will do better job as its transparent unlike those courts in Bangladesh where killers are MPs and allegedly even your PM!

    • Wind

      Your fist approach is one sided and you want to say that BAL are the only killer in this country .Are you a blinded towards illegal ways that support BNP and its collaborators . They raped , killed and homo-sexed some party members still that is happening.That you will see . The question is who are making anarchy by the name of religion ,blind faith and establishment of religion based ruling. So, if want to do that they could go in Pakistan , Afgnistan , Iran , Saudi -Arabia, where saria based law is in full swing . The current Bangladesh is not for any person , groups , leaders or race.Thosewho think that it is land of fundamentalist they made a mistake in 1971 and they were saved by the mistake of father of the nation who was kind -hearted man .This young generation will observe who are doing good and who are making no sense rather making faggot-Hefajat-JMB- barren land .

  • Samih34

    I must give full credit to Reazuddin for being so tenacious as to carry on posts with some people who raise serious doubts as to their comprehension of what a million & billion stand for! Thank God, however, that the term ‘trillion’ was not mentioned!