Published: Saturday, June 1, 2013

Consider bail to Anwar, Bulu: Speaker

Shirin Sharmin Choudhury

Speaker Shirin Sharmin Choudhury on Saturday requested the court to consider granting bail to two opposition lawmakers so that they can participate in the upcoming budget session of parliament beginning Monday.

“It is court’s jurisdiction. The matter will be settled through legal process,” she said. “But as Speaker, I humbly call upon the court if it can grant bail to the duo.”

The Speaker was talking to reporters after a programme of Lion’s Club at a city hotel.

Replying to a query, Shirin said the opposition deputies would be able to speak in parliament and place their demands once they return to the House.

She also said anything can be discussed inside the House.

“And in that case, I will be able to play a role. But if the dialogue takes place outside the parliament, the government and the opposition in that case will have to take initiative,” she added.

The eighteenth session of the parliament begins on June 3. The BNP-led opposition lawmakers will have to return to parliament to save their membership as all of them have been absent in parliament sessions for over 83 days on an average.

According to the constitution, a MP will lose his/her membership if he/she remains absent in parliament for 90 consecutive days without permission from the Speaker.

  • MH Khan

    What does the constitution say on the arrest of parliament members? Does it say that the speaker should be consulted or informed before such
    arrests are made?

  • Abir Hasan

    Speaker should be arrested for interfering courts’ jurisdiction.

  • jcrocdale

    In US, a leading Senator was arrested by police in Minneapolis airport bathroom where he was trying to proposition sex to an undercover police officer inside the bathroom. He was arrested, and court proceeding took place against the senator. Obviously, I do not go and search what verdict he got, but just think that the US police arrest a leading US Senator and they never needed to talk to the Speaker or the House or anybody in the know. You commit a crime, you will be prosecuted and no need to talk to the Speaker or President. In Bangladesh, the mentality is again like that of Colonial rulers and their cohorts against whom even enforcing law gets the thumbs down. All the arrested BNP leaders should already have been prosecuted and convicted because it is clear that they did commit the crime based on prima facie evidence, the circumstantial, and direct evidence of massive violence, arson, terrorism, vandalism, act of terror, act of conspiracy, and hundreds more.

  • Dr. Ahsan Habib

    Is this speaker an elected representative (by people) that AL is so passionate about?