Published: Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cracks in another commercial building in Mohammadpur

5,000 workers evacuated

Over 5,000 garment workers were evacuated from a six-storey building in Mohammadpur of the capital Thursday morning after cracks developed in it.

The evacuation comes a day after cracks led to the collapse of a nine-storey building in Savar, leaving at least 191 people were killed and over 1,200 injured. The building “Rana Plaza” housed five garment factories, a branch of Brac Bank and a shopping centre.

Panic griped the workers as they noticed cracks around 7:30am at a pillar on the second-floor of the building, housing three garment factories and several shops, said Azizul Haque, officer-in-charge (OC) of Mohammadpur Police Station.

On information police rushed to the spot and kept the building cordoning off.

Officials of Fire Service and Civil Defence and Dhaka City Corporation reached the scene and were scrutinising whether the building posed any risk when this report was filed around 11:30am, the OC added.

  • Shaikh Wazir

    Thanks for the compliment. Codes and standards are supposed to be written by a central govt organization who would assemble a number of experienced civil/structural design engineers and form a Committee to work on the subject. The Committee is permanent but the members may be hired on the ad-hoc basis. A few experienced foreign design engineers may also be hired to advise the locals.

    The Committee may review all the relevant codes of western countries like USA, UK, Germany and France. It shall adopt only one country’s codes, such as US codes, as its own, and keep on compiling the country’s own codes and standards.

    All the US, British, German and French codes are open to all and can be used by any country without any prohibition. However, ANSI-like codes may not be used in its entirety because it does not designate the seismic zones and wind forces in Bangladesh. So, part of ANSI may be modified for our use. Unified Building Codes (UBC) can also help the country.

    However, the government must spread the design laws and construction practice of western world to all the municipalities, LGED, LGRD and all other ministries. There must be unified codes throughout the country. For example, a hospital to be built by the health ministry must conform to the unified building laws.

    There are hundred other things that the GoB should immediately do to mitigate the chance of designing and constructing weak and ill-designed buildings any more. However, the small space here will not allow me to elaborate on those. Thanks.