Published: Monday, May 6, 2013

Cultural Education

‘Patth-chokro’ and ‘Bhasha'r Alaap’ at Chhayanaut

Chhayanaut — one of the biggest and most reputed cultural schools of the country — is beginning the second course of its study circle ‘Patth-chokro’, a platform for exchange of opinions and discussion on arts and literature.
Cultural EducationDr. Sanjeeda Khatun, Syed Manzurul Islam, Fakhrul Alam, Bishwajit Ghosh, Mohammad Azam, Syed Shamsul Haq, Manzare Haseen Murad, Mahmudul Hossain and Mustafa Monwar will conduct the sessions, which will be held fortnightly, on alternate Saturdays. Targeting artistic enrichment of students and youth, the admission process of the programme is currently ongoing.
Chhayanaut is also beginning the fourth course of ‘Bhasha’r Alaap’, a programme to exercise Bangla language — spelling and pronunciation, beauty of sentence-formation, use and misuse of language, expressions and reading — as means of kindling interest in Bengali culture. Coordinators of the programme will include Dr. Sanjeeda Khatun, Bhashwar Bandopadhyay, Bishwajit Ghosh, Golam Sarwar and Mir Barkat. The course will run for three months, with sessions on every Saturday. Admission for this programme is open as well.