Published: Thursday, April 4, 2013

Promotion of 1,500 Doctors

DAB accuses govt of political favouritism

The pro-BNP Doctors’ Association of Bangladesh (DAB) yesterday said the government promoted 1,500 doctors across the country Sunday on political considerations.
Ignoring the capable and talented doctors, the Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) has given preference to unqualified ones and promoted them on the basis of their political affiliations, DAB leaders told a press conference at Jatiya Press Club in the capital.
They claimed that the doctors who were promoted to different ranks did not have the teaching experience or the academic publications to be qualified for the posts.
“Most of the 350 doctors, who were made associate professors, became assistant professor only in November 2011,” said DAB Acting General Secretary Dr Md Rafiqul Islam Bachchu.
“Logically, none of them has three years of teaching experience and three publications as assistant professors, which is required to be qualified for the post of associate professor.”
Dr Bachchu alleged that through special consideration of the president, physicians with one year’s diploma degree were promoted while the ones with higher degrees like FCPS, MS, MD were ignored.
According to officials at the health and family welfare ministry, Sunday’s mass promotion of doctors in different government hospitals and medical institutions was the biggest in the country’s history.
Shefayetullah, director general of the Directorate General of Health Services, dismissed DAB’s accusations and said all promoted doctors were meritorious and qualified.