Published: Friday, April 5, 2013

Star Diary

Dirty Politics


Photo: Star File

Last week, I was on my way to work on a hartal day with a friend, and we decided to go on a CNG as a rickshaw would take a while. Normally, I am weary of this mode of transport as it is a target for picketers, but decided to try my luck instead of running the risk of being late. When we reached Hatirjheel, we saw a group of men coming toward us with sticks so we practically jumped out of the moving CNG. As we started to run away as fast as possible I noticed them overturn the CNG with the driver still trying to crawl out, and setting it on fire. We waited to see that the driver got out safely but didn’t dare move forward to help. After they left, we walked over to the driver who was on the sidewalk crying and convinced him to come with us to a hospital as he was badly injured. The incident left me even more disgusted with politics in this country and to what lengths these politicians will go in order to come to power. I really think when election time comes, we should all refuse to vote for any of them. Wonder what will happen then.

Shamim Rahman
Banani, Dhaka