Published: Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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Eid @ Jennys

jennysOn 9 July, Jennys launched its Eid collection with a wide range and style of colourful shoes at The Daily Star Centre. For men leather sandals are available at Tk.500 to Tk.2500, Leather Shoes at Tk.1200 to Tk.7500, canvas and keds from Tk.850 to Tk.2990. Men’s wallets are available at Tk.500 to Tk.1,150 and leather belts at Tk.750 to Tk.1,250. There is also a collection of corporate leather bags priced at Tk.5,000 to Tk.6,500, socks at Tk.100 to Tk.150 and shoe shiner at Tk.100. Women can get trendy sandals priced at Tk.500 to Tk.2990 and leather bags from Tk.1800 to Tk4000. Kid sandals and shoes are priced at Tk.690 to Tk.1150 and EVA Slippers are available at Tk.290 to Tk.690.