Published: Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Ethno Fashion Project 2013

Alliance Française de Dhaka’s La Galerie hosted two fashion catwalk workshops with fashion icon and development activist Bibi Russell in February 2013. In the concluding session of Bibi Russell’s catwalk workshop on February 27, some 30 aspiring models took part in a fashion catwalk.
Earlier in January, a first very successful catwalk workshop with Bibi Russell was held at the Alliance Française de Chittagong. Bibi Russell described the Ethno Fashion project as a huge challenge for her and hoped that this project will provide an excellent platform to the young designers and models.
She thanked the Goethe Institut and Alliance Française de Dhaka and Chittagong for taking such an excellent initiative to promote Bangladesh’s fashion industry.
Olivier Litvine, Director of AFD has said that the three workshops were organised as a part of a series of events linked to Ethno Fashion, the first international fashion show to be held in Bangladesh. The show will be organised sometime in June this year, which will be a milestone project in Bangladesh’s fashion industry. This is a joint project between the Alliance Françaises of Dhaka and Chittagong and Germany’s Goethe Institute.

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As part of this project, there will be a 10-day workshop to train young Bangladeshi designers in the process of making an original collection that will be worn by non-professional models and presented during three fashion shows (two in Dhaka and one in Chittagong).  Three internationally acclaimed designers shall be conducting this workshop — Sakina M’sa (France), Michael Sontag (Germany) and Bangladeshi fashion icon Bibi Russell.
The designers will be selected by a panel formed by Bibi Russell, the director of Goethe-Institut Dhaka and Alliance Française de Dhaka. The applicant will have to submit a portfolio or some kind of work as well as their motivation in the course of May.
The ultimate goal of this workshop is to provide young Bangladeshi designers with the opportunity to learn from experienced designers, be exposed to several influences and hopefully reveal their talent.