Published: Monday, April 8, 2013

Focus energy on things that unite

Says US ambassador

US Ambassador in Dhaka Dan Mozena yesterday expressed hope that Bangladeshis would focus their energy on things that unite them, not those that divide.
“I think the magic of Bangladesh is that this is a pluralistic country. It is moderate and tolerant,” he said.
Mozena was addressing a press conference in the capital’s American Center marking the arrival of US 7th Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Scott H Swift in Dhaka on Saturday on a three-day visit.
People have the right to peacefully express their views and others have also the right to dissent the views, said Mozena, adding, “Violence is not acceptable. That’s not the way to express the view.”
Swift, who first came here in September last year, was asked about his impression on Bangladesh’s current political scenario, particularly Hefajat-e Islam’s long march to Dhaka on Saturday.
He replied that the US Navy does not get involved in issues of political nature as they follow the policy of their civilian bosses in Washington.
However, he said “democracy was a vehicle for dialogue” and appreciated the role of the free press in Bangladesh to carry this message to the people as the press was a core element of democracy.
Swift appreciated the quality and management of naval vessels and progress made by Bangladesh Navy to build it up as a professional and talented force.