Published: Friday, March 22, 2013


Fools Dare where Angels Fear to Tread

cWho dare call us nastik?
Their hearts are made of plastic
Nastik-astik never decided by a mere mortal
Nor by any rhetoric or by 48-hour hartal

Who dare call us nastik?
Such remarks are so caustic
There are hijabis chanting ‘tui razakar’ at Shahbagh
Those practising believers are absolutely hatobak

Who dare call us nastik?
We pray five times as astik
They have some cheek, or is it called impudence?
For such corrupt thoughts, not even a tuppence

Who dare call us nastik?
OMG they sound so bombastic
They lecture after adhan rings the air
We offer prayers out of temporal fear

Who dare call us nastik?
Colossal assemblage without logistic
We demand justice for our children, women and martyrs
Such calls are sacred in religious and international charters

Who dare call us nastik?
Youths’ tactic is holistic
Those involved in murder, loot, rape and arson
In 42 years each have become a fugitive parson

Who dare call us nastik?
Their sins urban and rustic
Mention 1971 and they suffer from wild hysteria
But their crimes had transgressed all criteria

Who dare call us nastik?
They are but fantastic
It is they who committed indiscriminate genocide in jubilation
This nation has to be cleansed of its shame and humiliation

Please do not call us nastik
We abhor comments so drastic
Forbidden it is in the Quran to lay falsehood on other bhais
“Truly Allah guides not one who transgresses and lies.” (Surah 40:28)
Does it then befit any astik
to call a fellow Muslim nastik?