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Photo courtesy: Living Blue

snuggling2There is nothing cosier than nestling under a warm comfortable blanket when the weather outside is gradually getting colder, reminding us every moment that winter is settling in. As the early winter mornings still feel pretty warm, now is the best time for you to bring out all the winter wear and blankets from the closets and roast them under the sun to get them all ready for the season.
Blankets and comforters acquire a musty smell from prolonged storage and require to be spread out in open air before they reach their usable state again. However, if you have plans of restocking the blankets this winter, now would be the perfect time to move around, have a look and grab your perfect blanket before it’s too cold all of a sudden and you find yourself without proper insulation.

Now is the time that all the big stores in Dhaka city are filling up on blankets, comforters and quilts. Lavender, Mostafa Mart and Unimart have a variety of synthetic and fleece blankets of different colours and designs. The synthetic blankets come in beautiful textures and are mostly of Chinese and Korean origin. Fleece blankets can be found in plain solid colours at Mostafa Mart and are priced at Tk.1400 or so.
If what you’re looking for is variety and a good bargain, Singapore Market is a must visit. At the back end of the shopping destination, you are to find rows of stores selling all sorts of blankets and quilts of varying price ranges.

bed coverSynthetic blankets are widely available all over the market, Golden Bear being the star brand among this category. The blankets are available in floral patterns, animal prints, star bursts and stripes and other beautiful designs printed on them. The Chinese brands cost somewhat cheaper than Korean ones and start from Tk.2200 and the Korean ones starting from Tk.3200 all the way up to Tk.5500.
If you’re looking for blankets for babies and children, Lavender and Singapore market have options worth checking out — bright colours with friendly giraffe and Winnie the Pooh prints priced from Tk.1100-1600.
While blankets and quilts are best suited for winter for their functionality, comforters add a touch of beauty and the best ones can change the whole look of your bedroom. Comforters come along with sets of pillow-covers, cushion-covers and bed-covers, which, if spread out neatly, look irresistibly cosy and welcoming. They are available in Pride, HomeTex as well as in a number of stores in Singapore Market.
Pride has a small, but exquisite collection of comforters in light colours with prints and appliqué work done on them and are priced reasonably. Most comforters sold at Singapore market come in floral patterns, abstract shapes and in very bright and joyful colours — red, pink, blue and others. Price variations between stores selling comforters must be backed by quality and durability, so, make comparisons between material types and designs before you take your decision, also inquire about washing specifications. Comforters cost more than blankets and good ones can cost you as much as Tk.6500.

Photo Courtesy: Living Blue

Photo Courtesy: Living Blue

If you opt for something unique and deluxe “Living Blue” is just the place for you. Living blue- a social initiative of Care Bangladesh produces high quality premium comforters and kanthas using their unique quilting techniques and aims to withhold the age old heritage of Bangladeshi indigo in their products.
Their flagship items include “white on white” quilts and Shibori — a Japanese style of tie n’ dyeing used on khaadi for making kanthas and quilts which are superior export-quality items, and, available on order. Due to their uniqueness and exclusivity, Living Blue products are priced relatively higher than others with quilts and kanthas priced from Tk.5000 all the way up to Tk.20000. Living blue has no retail outlets, nonetheless, buyers and visitors are welcome to visit their office located at Karwan Bazar to have a look at their items and place their orders.
With the temperatures dropping, blankets are undoubtedly one of the most essential items to have for making it through the winter. Now that you know all that you need to, get yourself the perfect warm, fuzzy blanket and enjoy the cold comfortably, cuddled around your loved ones.
Special thanks to Mishael Ahmed, Manager, Living blue. For appointments/queries mail to

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Photo Courtesy: Living Blue

Photo Courtesy: Living Blue