Published: Monday, April 8, 2013

Form agriculture security fund in next budget

Farmers in two dists urge govt

The farmers of Munshiganj and Shariatpur demanded that the government form a fund in the upcoming national budget to ensure the farmers’ security.
At separate discussions organised under the banner of the Channel-i TV show “Hridoye Mati o Manush”, the farmers shared their problems and expectations with two ministers, says a press release.
Finance Minister AMA Muhith interacted with Munshiganj farmers on Thursday in Hasain Banary Char area of Tongibari upazila, where he assured the farmers that a special attention to char development would be given in the next budget.
He also ensured that the government would prioritise issues concerning farmers, including returning the ownership of land to hundreds of char farmers.
The farmers urged the government for an allocation of Tk 25 crore to the Tongibari Farmers Union.
On Friday, Shariatpur farmers spoke to Food Minister Dr Abdur Razzak on Kazirhat Abdur Razzak High School ground.
Abdur Razzak said within the end of the government’s tenure, food warehouses which can hold up 10 lakh ton worth of produce would be built.
The farmers urged the government to introduce electricity-run irrigation systems in the area.
Channel-i Director and Head of News Shykh Seraj conducted the discussions in both Munshiganj and Shariatpur.