Published: Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Getting the perfect winged eyeliner look

A winged eyeliner look is a beauty classic that is fresh, flirty and perfect for spicing up your everyday look. However, many people worry about using liquid eyeliner because it can get messy and blotchy if one does not have enough practice in using it.

But now there’s a very handy alternative — gel eyeliner!

These come in little pots and can easily be applied using a thin brush. They provide the fluid look of liquid eyeliner but come in a solid texture, so application is very easy. Maybelline’s gel eyeliner comes in a very reasonable price for its quality, and if you are willing to pay some more there is MAC’s Fluid Line Eyeliner Gel in Blacktrack, as well as one of the pioneers of the gel eyeliner, Bobbi Brown. You can find these products at Priyo, Almas General Store and Bodyline.