Published: Friday, April 5, 2013

Govt backs atheists: Hefajat-e Islam

Leaders of Hefazat-e Islam hold a press briefing at Lalbagh Madrasa in the capital on Friday. Photo: TV grab

Long march towards Dhaka will be spread across the country if the government resists the Hefajat-e Islam activists on their way to Dhaka, Junaed Babunagri, secretary of Hefajat said Friday.

The leaders and activists of the party were asked to take position wherever they will be obstructed by police and ruling party men during Saturday long march.

Addressing a press conference at Lalbagh Madrasa Babunagri also accused the government of ‘backing the atheists to foil their long march’.

He said government was playing dual role by giving them permission to hold a rally at Motijheel and supporting the blockade programme called by the ‘atheists and bloggers’ of Gonojagorn Mancha.

  • Rezaur Rahman

    there activities in the name of Islam will make serious trouble for the country….we see government accepted some of their demand, such steps were taken by the government… so it is totally unnecessary for the so called ” hefazot Islam” backed by make this long march..when the fundamentalist burnt our national mosque then what voice they raise against this kinds of activities……???? in this unstable situation they catch the fish in the water………….May Allah bless them.

    • Reaz Hassan

      This government is unfriendly to Islam. We are already in trouble with the Islamic countries for our deceptive and devious foreign policy. It is putting our religion and culture at jeopardy in the name of secularism.

  • Amrit Barua

    Hefazat Islamic is acting as puppet of Jameet-Islami. They are not Hefazating Islam, but Jameet and fundamentalism. Islam is well established religion in Bangladesh,so there is no need of Hefazating it. They should better practice the path of Islam than shouting on the road.