Published: Friday, July 26, 2013

Govt firm to cleanse GB: Dipu Moni

Foreign Minister Dipu Moni yesterday said her government was determined to have Grameen Bank “cleansed”.
She said the bank was a statutory body and it is to be regulated by the central bank and the government.
“Our democratically elected government was asked questions by the media and the international community on certain reports,” Dipu Moni said in response to a question after delivering a speech in New Delhi.
“We had to take some action,” she said.
“There was much undue criticism of us but we go by the law. We are determined to have it [Grameen Bank] probed and cleaned,” she said.
The government was taking numerous steps for poverty alleviation, the minister said. “We will go on with our initiatives.”

  • Abbasuddin

    Who will “cleanse” government then? TADA earned by illegal foreign trips should be cleansed back to government fund first.

  • mustafa mohammad

    instead of wasting time she can take necessary steps in other sectors for development. This Govt. has failed in each and every possible sector!

  • shafquat301

    A note to the writer..when you quote the FM, please do not call Grameen Bank as GB, as it can imply Great Britain, and as she it would make sense to since she is the FM, and I would not be surprised if she was so blatant as to want to cleanse Great Britain.

  • shafquat301

    I second that