Published: Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Govt mulls reducing weekend

The government is planning to cut short the weekend by a day for several weeks with a view to compensating for hartals.

At present, the government weekend is Friday and Saturday.

A proposal in this regard is now at the Prime Ministers’ Office (PMO) for her nod.

“If there is any hartal in a week, we are planning to make one holiday in that week to compensate losses incurred due to frequent strikes in recent times,” prime minister’s Principal Secretary Shaikh Md Wahid-Uz-Zaman told The Daily Star on Wednesday.

Once the plan is implemented, the government servants will have to attend office on Saturday to compensate for repeated hartals.

The country witnessed nine hartal days during the month of March. It is expected that there will be some more hartals in April.

Amidst hartals in March, the government ordered various bank branches to operate on Saturdays to recover losses.