Published: Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Handling everyday anxiety

Stress is a constant companion in the everyday lives of a lot of people. Living in a city like Dhaka with its traffic jams, hot climate and political unrest is enough to keep one frazzled throughout the day. But instead of stressing about your stress levels (and hence causing more stress), here are some things you can do to combat anxiety and improve your lifestyle.
Drink plenty of water: Drinking a lot of water increases circulation that helps maintain chemical balance in the brain, which as a result helps us relax.
Clasp your hands: This method is adapted from the acupressure treatment method. Clasp your hands tightly, interlocking the fingers. Then, with the fingers of the left hand press on the back of the right hand, and repeat this with the hands switched. This method quickly slows down a fast heart beat, which is caused by nervous tension.
Pressurise your toes: Lie down on your back and press all the toes of both legs backwards. It may hurt a little but repeat at least three times. This helps in removing tension almost instantly.
Muscle exercise: Lay straight, relax your arms and legs. Then slowly tighten all the muscles of your chest, arms, legs and neck; hold for a few seconds and let go. Relax for a few seconds and repeat.
Paper bag: Take a brown paper bag and put the opening around your nose and mouth tightly and then breathe into it. This method improves your ventilation during anxiety and relaxes your mind.
Aerobics: Aerobics and light exercises increase metabolism that helps maintain proper heart rate, as during anxiety people may experience faster heart rates.
Vitamin B complex: Taking vitamin B complex tablets helps in reducing the chances of clinical depression caused from anxiety because the different B-vitamins balance the stress hormones and chemicals in the brain.