Published: Sunday, May 5, 2013

Over 100 shops, 30 buses torched

Jamaat, Shibir, Hefajat men also loot shops at Baitul Mukarram mosque complex


Jamaat-Shibir activists joined by Hefajat-e Islam men set fire to at least 100 shops and business establishments, looted shops at Baitul Mukarram mosque complex and torched over 30 government buses in the capital on Sunday.

Cocktail explosions were still being heard intermittently when the report was filed at 8:50pm. The pedestrians were passing through the roads in Paltan area keeping their hands up, locals said.

Fire service and police officials said more than 100 shops and business establishments were torched in Paltan, Nayapaltan, Bijoynagar and Baitul Mukarram National Mosque areas in the evening.

Locals and police said the activists of Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing, Islami Chhatra Shibir, carried out the mayhem.

Instigated by the Jamaat and Shibir, a group of Hefajat men, who had earlier pledged to hold a peaceful rally at Shapla Chhatra in the capital, joined the vandals.

The demonstrators vandalised at least 50 buses of the public administration ministry and later set fire to over 30 of them on Rajuk Avenue in Motijheel in the afternoon.

Locals said the Jamaat-Shibir men joined by Hefajat activists around 5:45pm started vandalising the buses parked on the Rajuk Avenue and later set fire to the vehicles.

The agitators set fire to the ground floor of House Building Corporation building around 6:15pm, a fire service official told The Daily Star.

  • from_beluchistan

    Is this a way to implement Islam in Bangladesh , pathetic .

  • Tonmoy Ahmed

    Have some new sides been added to ISLAM?
    1.Attack on National Mosque to save or protect ISLAM.
    2.Using mosque to attack on law enforcement force.
    3.Set fire on Footpath’s shop.Some of them sell religious book including QURAN SHARIF.
    4.Using bombs.
    5.Burning alive man to save ISLAM.
    Bravo Hefajat ! Bravo! Thats why we are hatred in western countries.

  • Binodbangali

    Though not unfamiliar with what is going on in Dhaka today, but this
    time it is very ominous because both AL and BNP seem to be playing
    deadly political games.

    Hifazat is just an offshoot of political vacuum, and Jamaat has been seizing the opportunity for its existence.

    Poiltical and social scientists would have a lot to discuss as to what benefit AL
    has had by pushing BNP to the extreme side of the fundamentalists.

    Religion is being used as a weapon of mass destruction.

    Religion should remain a personal choice as it has been for the most part of
    country’s history.

    Our songs, our poetry and our many more daily rituals kept us living peacefully.
    Peace people, peace.

  • Iftekhar Hassan

    Early stage of street conflict between Banglalee Nationalism VS. Bangladeshi Islamic Nationalism. Very unknown future of conflict. Remind me of Iran 1979

    • Yeasir Rahul

      Bangalee Nationalism won in 1971, it will win 2013 also. Mr. Iftekhar Hassan will not see a “banglastan”.

  • Abdullah Abdullah

    Awami League knows only to push people to the wall, which it has been doing for years now. She has not been mandated to erase CTG from the Constitution, An equal and opposite reaction is just inevitable, matter of time.

    • Yeasir Rahul

      Cannot see any relation between CTG and the Hefazot demands! Are you clearly telling that the political lobby for CTG (i.e., BNP-Jamat) is controlling this hefazot lot?

  • Bipul

    So.. they are doing ‘hefajat’ of Islam in this way? BRAVO!

  • Dev Saha

    Is this what being taught in our religious schools?

  • Dev Saha

    Are we born to beg? Who needs external enemies when we have such people roaming around on our streets?