Published: Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hefajat regrets attacks on journos

Assures violence-free shutdown on Monday

Hefajat-e Islami leaders address a press briefing at Lalbagh in the capital on Sunday. Photo: TV grab

Hefajat-e Islam has regretted Saturday’s attack on journalists during its rally at Motijheel in the capital.

The Islamist organisation also announced that it will refrain from carrying out any kind of anarchic activities during its countrywide daylong shutdown (hartal) slated for Monday.

Noor Hossain Kashemi, convener of Dhaka city unit of Hefajat, made the declaration at a press briefing held at Lalbagh in the capital Sunday afternoon.

“On behalf of our leaders we express regret to the journalists who were injured by our men mistakenly,” Kashemi said.

Activists of Hefajat assaulted four journalists including a woman during their Saturday long march in the capital.

Of the victims, two are reporters and two camerapersons.

The Hefajat leaders on Sunday also directed its activists not to inflict any harm to any journalists including females, Kashemi added.

The Hefajat leaders also urged the government to be vigilant during Monday’s hartal and punish its party men if they involve in violence.

  • Reaz Hassan

    In mammoth public rallies, such as this, stray incidences are bound to occur but why should such petty occurrences make lead news? Surely journalists have better stories to decorate their front page cover.

    • Tonmoy Ahmed

      consider your mother/wife is running in the middle of the road and some special (!)hyenas are running after her because she is working with her mail co-workers.Then you will understand why it has made the lead news.Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad(sm) always helped and respected woman but those hyenas does not have any firm faith on him

    • Faysal

      Agreed. Journalists should instead focus on the disease of talibanization that threatens to spread through Bangladesh like a cancer if Hefazat has their way.

  • mominul hasan

    It is always difficult to keep peace and control in such movements where several hundred thousand people gather. However, whatever their aim is, Gono Jagoron Moncho and Islamic Jagoron Moncho both begin the admiring culture of movements. From this point of view both of them are laudable. our politician should learn from them.

  • Binodbangali

    Some have no idea what 13-point dictate. Regret by Hefajat leader is in no way should make us feel safe. Once their points are met, all of us would be at their mercy. Media Must not ignore the threat.