Published: Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hefajat rejects PM’s call

This Friday photo shows Noor Hossian Kashemi, convenor of Dhaka city unit of Hefajat-e Islam addressing a press conference where he reiterated the resolve to continue with the May 5 Dhaka siege programme. Photo: Focus Bangla

This Friday photo shows Noor Hossain Kashemi, convener of Dhaka city unit of Hefajat-e Islam, addressing a press conference where he reiterated the resolve to continue with the May 5 Dhaka siege programme. Photo: Focus Bangla

Hefajat-e Islam on Saturday rejected the prime minister’s call for withdrawing its May 5 Dhaka siege programme, saying that she failed to give any guideline regarding its 13-point demand.

“In her speech, there was an effort to confuse the nation through contradictory and wrong interpretations (of the demands),” said Mufti Fayzullah, joint secretary general of Hefajat-e Islam.

“That’s why, we have decided to continue with the May 5 Dhaka blockade programme,” he said.

He was reading out a written statement while addressing a press briefing at Lalbagh Madrasa in the capital.

Any activities related to the rescue operation at the collapsed Savar building, Rana Plaza, will remain out of the purview of Hefajat programme, said Mufti Fayzullah.

The organisation demanded compensation for those who laid their lives during the ongoing Hefajat-e Islam movement for the fulfillment of its 13-point demands and better treatment for the injured.

It also demanded release of the organisation’s members arrested during the movement.

Party secretary Junaid Babunagari, who was also present at the briefing, said they sought permission from Dhaka Metropolitan Police for holding a rally in front of Baitul Mukarram National Mosque for 3:00pm Sunday.

The Hefajat had announced the siege programme at its rally at the capital’s Motijheel on April 6 to press home its 13-point demand, which included punishment to bloggers for “defaming” Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

The prime minister on Friday called on the Hefajat leaders to withdraw their programme considering the ongoing rescue operation at the Rana Plaza collapse site at Savar.

According the programme, Hefajat will lay siege to all seven entry points into the capital Sunday to cut the city off the rest of the country.

The leaders are expected the presence of around one lakh Hefajat supporters at each entry point — Gabtoli, Tongi, Postagola Bridge , Babubazar Bridge, Kanchpur and Demra bridge, Mawa and Abdullahpur.

  • Elpadrinobc

    They are planning to destroy the nation.

  • speechless

    They are going for your souls … seriously , this is just pathetic . People want to be involved in all politics to do business . I hope people one day , all over the world will be sensible enough to not need this whole shady business of politics . What Hefazot is doing is good , if they really want to uphold Shaariah , I salute them . But , there is a huge but in here ; there will be people with in their colors that will demean Islam and uphold improvement ; point in case Jamaat and the whole political mess of Bangladesh .

  • moh karim

    Endemic corrupt system with utter dictatorial Leaders will aways make deals with the fringes to save their seats. It is the greed of power that propels them. AL & BNP’s supreme leaders are the main reason for destroying Bangladesh; now they will nail the coffin by making the religious parties as a third force. A country of potential will be doomed not because of religion but by backward & more restrictive misinterpretation of the third force. People are at a quagmire ; so called democracy by corrupt dictators or religious fanatics! I can only pray to Allah to save Bangladesh.

  • trybestone

    How come BNP and Jamaat is involved with this Savar Genocide. Murad Jung MP and his murderer JL terrorist Rana belongs to AL. What makes you blame BNP and Jamaat for this Savar crime against humanity? Why dont you accept the truth that Rana was AL man protected and blessed by AL.

  • trybestone

    What a unrealistic and C grade fictional script Elpadrinobc and you are making.Indian attacking with drone makes me laugh out louder. India cant handle its own mess by maoist and insurgents across its length and breath and to imagine it making drone attack is like a fiction movie making.America have been in Iraq for 14 years and show us how many Iraqis have started speaking English replaced with Arabic. Please stop all crab and fiction. This is not Walt Disney or Fox movies.

  • Md. Likhon

    What they actually want? Day by day they are going to destroy our nation and our property that is very shameful.

    • Niloufar Naseem Sarker

      Well ,they want to come to power to establish Sharia Law so that they can send the two women to Timbakhtu.

  • Al-Mamun

    Why so much drama? Please come and love Bangladesh.

    • Niloufar Naseem Sarker

      We love Bagladesh,but how can we save the country.Have you seen any women in the Hefajat congregation ?