Published: Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hefajat sounds ominous

Leaders of Hefajat-e Islam Bangladesh yesterday threatened to enforce nonstop hartal from April 7 should the government resist their Dhaka long march on April 6.
They also demanded highest punishment to the “atheist” organisers of Gonojagoron Mancha for “defaming” Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh).
The leaders were addressing a rally (Shan-e-Risalat) at the city’s Laldighi Maidan.
About 4,000 people took part in the rally. Shah Ahmad Shafi, ameer of Hefajat-e Islam, administered the oath of martyrdom to the gathering.
Ahmad Shafi said their protest was not against the government. “We are fighting against them who are defaming Islam and also its Prophet [pbuh].”
He urged people to join the long march peacefully.
Junaid Babunagari, secretary general of the party, said the government will prove itself to be atheist if it resists the long march.
“Common Muslims of the country will fight for Islam. If necessary, they will sacrifice their lives, but they won’t allow the dominance and presence of atheist bloggers in the sacred soil of the country,” he mentioned.
The government, he said, will have to amend the constitution to restore the phrase “Absolute trust and faith in Almighty Allah” in it.
The party’s senior nayeb-e-ameer Mahibullah Babunagari, nayeb-e-ameer Abdul Malek and joint secretary general Mainuddin Ruhi were present, among others.

  • Mamun Choudhury

    Regardless of the number of “fake Muslim people” there are in Bangladesh. It’s still Democratic People’s Republic of Bangladesh. And we should be proud of it. Let’s please keep it that way. Islam is the most Democratic and secular religion there. Look it up in Koran.

  • S M Iftekhar Ahmed

    I still suspect some of the motives of Hefajat E Islam. Why are they still under the illusion that the Shahbagh protestors are atheists? Do they feel that they are the only true Muslims in Bangladesh with common sense while all others are blind and clueless? I

  • S M Iftekhar Ahmed

    There are some good people out there. Times change. Islamic rule will only come about if people want it. These politicians are simply trying to play the religion card to gain popularity, but they underestimate the intelligence of the now well informed people of Bangladesh and will not succeed in their devious ways.

  • Taz Uddin

    Govt’s Intelligence Unit must keep an eye to this group and their activities as they became violent and followed hard line by the name of Islam.