Published: Wednesday, March 20, 2013

‘Hefazate Islam a Jamaat ally’

Hefazate Islam Bangladesh, a radical Islamist organisation, is acting as an ally of Jamaat-e-Islami in implementing the latter’s plot to create anarchy across the country, Imam Ulema Somonnoy Oikyo Parishad said on Wednesday.

Jamaat has been using Islam to thwart the ongoing war crimes trial, chairman of the alliance, Maulana Mohammad Ismail Hossain, said while addressing a press briefing at Jatiya Press Club.

“In the name of Islam, the so-called Hefazate Islam is terming patriotic youths (who are demonstrating at Shahbagh demanding death penalty to war criminals) as atheists,” he said.

“Hefazate Islam is working to save Jamaat, not Islam.”

Claiming that some Jamaat leaders infiltrated Hefazate Islam, Hossain demanded immediate arrest those Jamaat leaders.

The Oikyo Parishad chief urged Hefazate Islam to sever relation with the Jamaat leaders.

He demanded death penalty to all war criminals.

“If the tribunal failed to give the capital punishment, we will form a Sharia court to try the war criminals as per the Sharia law,” he said.

The BNP chairperson and its acting secretary general have been leading the programmes like shutdown and arson to save the war crimes trial accused, he said, terming such movement as “illegal” and tantamount to “sedition”.

Hossain said the country people have already come to know about those infiltrated Hefazate Islam for creating anarchy across the country.

He  mentioned some of the names who are working for Jamaat. Those are: Mizanur Rahman, Islami Chhatra Shibir leader of Chittagong Hathazari upazila unit; MA Hasjem Khan, one of the leaders of Salauddin Quader Mukti Parishad; Mahmudul Hassan, former Shibir leader of Rangamati district and now a central leader of Krishal Dal; Harun Izhar, son of Mufti Izhar, president of central Nejami Islam who is detained for his alleged link with militant activities.

  • S M Iftekhar Ahmed

    So basically, they are the same rotten oranges but under a new label. Despite their best efforts, the now much well informed people of Bangladesh and true Muslims know who they are and won’t be fooled. If this trend continues, then the enemies of this nation who hide behind the pretense of Islam will soon feel the consequences of their actions at the hands of the people, whose intelligence they try to insult and whose religious sentiments they try to abuse.

  • Abu Ayesha

    ‘Hefazate Islam a Jamaat ally’ – whats wrong with that? Awami League was also the ally of Jamat few years back.

  • Kamal Chowdhury

    Wow Bangladeshi’s!!!!!!!!! Anything good & positive to Islam OR Islamic acts are Jamat or Jamat favor’s. Then Jamat should be best right???????? And if millions of Ulama’s are Extremists Then The peoples who is raising the 42 years back stories (After declared amnesty & after cleared all the remained Bangladeshi’s from the list of criminals) & throwing the countries future into the darkness by igniting national differences & wide hatred, what we may call them ? Desh premi ???
    Actually our brain has been damaged already. we lost the vision. we are becoming the enemy of our future generation by creating a path for future troubles. We have turned our steering to the destruction instead of peace, harmony & national unity. All the Bangladeshi’s are of one family. we have to learn to live in peace & love. we should not be dared to crush the future of our next generation…..

  • Mohammad Zaman

    The issue comes from ignorance. If we really look at the root, this article could be more wrong, as Hefazate Islam organizations and leaders have always been anti-Jamaat. Now we should expect better journalistic report, where Hefazate Islam publicly denounced Jamaat-e-Islami and also demanded banning of Jamaat to the prime minister, at the meeting.

    On the other hand, their view of Women’s freedom, is radical, and unacceptable. The reality is, they had huge folks showing up, a counter to the Gonojagoron Moncho, and as the Police tecklessness in beating the prayer-going/people with religious beliefs. Now the more radicals taking advantage of the situation; where most Bangladeshi is peace loving, patriotic, muslims, and they live in peace & harmony with their non-muslim neighbors.

    You could do your own research and find that Hefazate Islam leadership and affiliates have more ties to the current Awami League.