Published: Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hold talks on polls-time govt

BNP urges govt again

The main opposition BNP has urged the government to hold a dialogue with it on formation of an election-time bipartisan neutral government.

In a press statement on Thursday evening, BNP said the government should take the initiative “in the interest of peaceful handover of power through a participatory and competitive national election.”

The national standing committee, the highest policy-making body of BNP, decided to make the call at a meeting on Wednesday night.

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia chaired the meeting at her Gulshan office. The statement contained the discussion points of the two-hour meeting.

In response to a government claim that BNP was engaged in a conspiracy to oust the government using Hefajat-e Islam on May 5, the BNP standing committee said: “BNP neither believes in hatching conspiracy to oust government nor believe in any violence activities.”

Considering a silly excuse that the government would have been toppled if Hefajat could continue its sit-in, the BNP leaders said they cannot support any pretext like that one under which law enforcers carried out ruthless crackdown on the Islamist activists.