Published: Friday, May 17, 2013

Immersion in pure abstraction

Samiran Chowdhury's quest for symbolic expressions

Self-portrait by Samiran

Self-portrait by Samiran

Contemplative artist Samiran Chowdhury feels that abstract art, a different way of looking at the world, enables him and the viewer to establish a connection. β€œIn abstract art, the artist uses a visual language of shapes, forms, lines and colours to interpret a subject,” he said.

Chowdhury searches for novel themes and seeks to clarify his views in a different way. His distinctive lines, tones, smooth textures and varying mild and bright colours are hallmarks of his works and have evolved in a pure abstract style. He is now recognised as an accomplished abstract artist and has a penchant for highlighting nature, human relationships, depression, isolation, ecstasy, nightmares, physiological journeys, the divine world and emotions. He allows all these ingredients to frequent his canvases in various symbolic configurations.


Samiran’s abstractions are composition and form-oriented.

The artist says that iconic painters Barnett Newman and Hans Hofmann give him a taste of liberty and inspire his individuality.

Samiran’s abstractions are composition and form-oriented. Some of his paintings also denote his fascination with minimal geometric compositions. Most of his compositions and forms are marked by delicate brush strokes, subdued colours, light and shade. His application of paint is quite distinctive. The colours frequently used are pale yellow, azure, crimson, black, white and emerald green — representing torrential shades and alluring shapes. Adjoining columns, wrecked and abandoned walls, subtle images, soft and glowing colours also create a panoramic impact in his recent paintings.


Samiran’s abstractions are composition and form-oriented.

Over the years, Samiran has produced many paintings, where he has primarily depicted realistic images. In recent times, he feels comfortable in adopting the style of pure abstraction.

Samiran’s paintings are aesthetically rich, powerful and thought provoking. The paintings are an excellent demonstration of his artistic aptitude and his personal philosophy.