Published: Sunday, December 15, 2013

India told US to play positive role on Bangladesh

Reports Anandabazar

India has weighed pressure on the US to play a positive role in light of the volatile political situation in Bangladesh, reports an Indian newspaper on its website.
The Anandabazar, through its source, reports that the South Block is disappointed about the White House’s stance on Bangladesh and due to the significance of the situation the disappointment has been conveyed to the White House.
Indian Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh discussed the current situation in Dhaka with her US counterpart Wendy Sherman during her recent visit to the country, says the report.
The South Block has explicitly told the US leadership that the West should help bring back the democratic and congenial environment in Bangladesh for the sake of the security of the entire South Asia.
But the Indian foreign ministry thinks that the US is yet to take any active measure to this end, says the report.
According to the newspaper, Indian government sources claim that the US believes Jamaat-e-Islami does not support terrorism; so if the party is allowed in the political arena, it will help combat extremist Taliban supporters. The US also thinks BNP believes in their (US) principles to a good extent and if it assumes power, it will be easier for the US to access Bangladeshi market. On strategic issue, BNP is more preferred by the US, says the report.
However, New Delhi has been trying to convince the US of the fact that the situation of Bangladesh is gradually going out of hand due to the destructive activities of Jamaat.
Spokesperson of the Indian Foreign Ministry Syed Akbaruddin said, “We believe that as the people of a democratic nation Bangladeshi politicians will resolve their differences through dialogue.”
Meanwhile, New Delhi fears that a large number of refugees may intrude into the country, says the report, adding that they are also worried that the huge amount of money channelled through Islami Bank to the Islamist organisations in Bangladesh, including Jamaat-e-Islami, might have a negative impact across the borders as well.
As per the report, 5,000 extra BSF men (Border Security Force) have been deployed along the Indian frontier. Border state West Bengal is also worried about the issue. Its Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has taken steps in this matter. The DG of the state police has beefed up vigilance in the border areas as per her orders.

  • SL DUA

    During Nixon-Kissinger duo era of 1971, US supported the evil forces who carried out genocide in East Pakistan (Bangladesh). In Obama-Kerry duo era of 2013, USA has again tilted in favor of Pakistan and would remain in support of Pakistan sponsored evil forces in Bangladesh as it did in 1971. US human values were gone into thin air then and their stances may be repeated in 2013. USA is the most unprincipled country in this world. India should take care of its interests by itself as it did in 1971. India would be failing in taking care of its legitimate security interests, if it does not stop these evil forces (US, Pakistan, and Religious extremists combined) at any cost.