Published: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It’s hard time, remain calm

Hasina asks workers

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday asked garment workers to remain calm and refrain from vandalising industries “during these hard times.”
“I don’t believe the real workers are vandalising their industries that provide bread and butter for them,” the premier told the House in her concluding speech.
The premier informed the House that her government had taken an initiative to create a fund for workers so that they could take some money from that fund for filing cases if they needed to do so to protect their interests.
Pointing to the anarchists, the premier asked in whose interest they were vandalising the industries. She directed the authorities concerned to identify the anarchists through television video footage and take action accordingly.
The premier told the workers, “You have to keep the industries running or you will have to go back to your villages after losing your jobs if the industries are closed.”
Regarding the Savar tragedy, the premier offered her deepest sympathies to the members of the victims’ families and said her government would do everything for the injured workers. “We have already made a list of injured people and necessary assistance will be provided them for their rehabilitation.”
Hasina reassured the nation that all the culprits behind the building collapse had been nabbed and would be punished.
The premier thanked the people of the country, members of the army, police and other agencies for coming forward to rescue the victims from the site.
“The way the people came forward to rescue the victims, it proved the positive character traits of the Bangalees,” she said.
Citing her government’s effort in helping the victims, the premier said the government had already sent Ezazuddin Kaikobad, a volunteer, who recovered some 100 workers alive, to Singapore for better treatment.
“From the very first day of the incident, he was giving relentless service. This man received serious burn injuries while trying to rescue the last survivor. Now we are sending him to Singapore for better treatment,” she said, adding that the rescue operation would remain part of history in the world.
The premier thanked the lawmakers for electing the Speaker.  “Besides Bangladesh, two of our neighboring countries, Pakistan and India, have female Speakers. So, we have taken the decision to elect our woman Speaker,” she said.
The prime minister expressed happiness over the Supreme Court verdict in the historic jail killing case. The SC upheld the death penalty of three former army personnel Risalder (retd) Muslemuddin, Dafadar (dismissed) Marfat Ali Shah and Dafadar (dismissed) Abdul Hashem Mridha and life term imprisonment of eight others.
“We have got justice. We have got rid of a stigma with the judgment. The verdict will be executed as in the Bangabandhu murder case,” she said. Terming the war crimes of 1971 as a shameful and hateful chapter in the history of the country, Hasina said the trial of the war criminals would also be held and the verdict would be executed. She sought the support of the nation so that none could hinder the trial.