Published: Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Jamaat, Shibir bash head of cop in Dinajpur

Alleged activists of Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Chhatra Shibir thrashed the head of a policeman and injured 13 of his colleagues at Chirirbandar in Dinajpur during hartal hours Tuesday.

Three Jamaat-Shibir activists also sustained injuries during the 25-minute clash that ensued around 11:20am in Hazirmore area, Debdas Bhattacharya, superintendent of police (SP) in Dinajpur, told The Daily Star.

Critically injured Abdus Sabur, a sub-inspector (SI) of Special Branch of police, was transferred to Rangpur Medical College Hospital, our correspondent reported quoting the SP.

SI Sabur was first rushed to Dinajpur Medical College. But doctors there referred him to Rangpur as his condition deteriorated, the SP said.

Around 2,000 Jamaat-Shibir activists put barricades on Chirirbandar road as they took to the roads to enforce a daylong shutdown.

They torched three motorcycles there.

As police tried to resist the marauding activists, the latter attacked police with sticks and brick chips, compelling the law enforcers to fire 20 rounds rubber bullets, said Tariqul Islam, officer-in-charge (OC) of Chirirbandar Police Station.

Police also lobbed seven teargas shells to disperse the rioting activist, the OC said.

At one stage, the Jamaat-Shibir men came to know the identity of SI Sabur, who was in plainclothes, and attacked him.

The activists beat him up indiscriminately at first. As he collapsed on the ground, they thrashed his head with bricks, the OC added.

In the face of police resistance, the Jamaat-Shibir activists later fled the scene.

  • Noor Nabi

    Jamat-Shibir men still remain as hyaenas. People of conscience must unite and stand against them.

  • Rashid Ahmed

    Our Prime Minister wanted to turn our peaceful country into a violent country like Pakistan and she is successful. She is making sure that if she can not run this country as a Prime Minister then no one in future should be able to run this country in peace. The seed of violent behaviour has now been planted by our Prime Minister. Thank you, Prime Minister, you can now go abroad to USA or Canada and live in peace with your family leaving us behind in everyday violence, arson and bloodshed. PM, Why did you have to make Jamaat-Shibir popular by giving them issues? They were invisible in our society and you have made them visible. In our political arena Jamaat-Shibir was a dead horse but you have brought life in them!This is what is known as a woman’s vengeance!

    • Amrito

      Rashid : our PM is not willing to turn our country like Pakistan bt our opposition party BNP as well as Jamaat-Shibir are trying their level best to turn our country like Pakistan. I think, properly u did not study about da current politics of our country…

  • SAdnan

    Really, we are going in a terrible direction. Thanks to Shahbaag. Well Shahbaag should resist Jamaat Shibir now, not the Police. Shahbaag says to resist Strike by sitting at one place, well that’s a fine example of so called Politics.

    May Allah take care of our country.

  • Iftekhar Hassan

    In any working democracy, it is the home minister that should have submitted resignation by now. Because, he totally destroyed the unity of the country and helping to making Bangladesh another Pakistan. Lets pray that never happen.

    Why we keep forgetting that the idea of human freedom remained one of the most revolutionary idea the world has ever known. No police force can suppress such ideas.