Published: Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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JATRA a unique treasure trove

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

No one does “ethnic” quite like Jatra. Since its inception, it has been more of a trendsetter than a follower, creating its own unique style and signature designs that have created a benchmark for casual wear.

While most handicraft ventures have focused on similar styles, Jatra has set itself apart in all aspects by being exponentially unique in their product designs. Be it a simple lamp shade or an elaborate sari, you can count on Jatra, when you want something special.

Jatra has been a favourite to-go place for tourists, ‘deshi’ expats and families of expats as well, when they are bored with the regular array of souvenirs that can be found in other places.

Entering Jatra is an experience on its own. The bright décor with the various trinkets laid out in baskets and hanging from the ceiling make everyone wish that their home looked more like this store.

The kameezes at Jatra focus on unique cuts and lengths. There are single kameezes that can either be worn as long tops or accessorised with scarves and shalwars that are sold separately. These single kameezes, as well as fatuas, are available in the traditional gamcha weave as well as on khaadi with light block prints, a little embroidery, patchwork or nothing at all.

With the three piece kameezes, Jatra has dared to be different by going in the opposite direction of the current “long kameez” trend. There are shalwars or churidars and scarves available in contrasting shades which lead to an altogether eye-catching outfit. Colours range from earthy tones to bright shades to also light colours, making it so much easier to take your pick.

Don’t think that by choosing a piece of clothing your outfit is complete! Jatra also has an array of accessories to add to your already stunning look.

You can start with what kind of bag you want to carry.

Jatra’s bags are very popular with coaching and university going ladies who want something handy and comfy to carry their notebooks.

Women’s cross-body and tote bags are available with patchwork, screen prints, tie and dye, traditional khaadi and rickshaw art. For jewellery, look no further than the comprehensive collection of terra cotta, silver, wooden, glass and beaded jewellery available there.

Finally, Jatra’s shoe range is also extensive, with uncommon designs and colour combinations to match or completely contrast with your outfit.

Clothing and accessories in Jatra don’t stop at the basics: everything is further decorated with pretty little things such as patchwork, shells, tiny mirrors and bells that will make a slight ringing sound as you move.

If you want to bring an interesting variation to your outfits, look no further than Jatra to have items that are not only unique but beautiful as well.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
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