Published: Tuesday, November 5, 2013

JS passes Grameen Bank law

Grameen Bank headquarters in Dhaka

Grameen Bank headquarters in Dhaka

Parliament today passed the much-talked-about Grameen Bank Act, 2013, with elevating the government’s role in the running of the microcredit lender without any increment of its ownership stakes.
“As the Grameen Bank has been running under an ordinance, it was necessary to enact a law,” Finance Minister AMA Muhith said while placing the bill before the parliament.
He said the government has not brought any changes to the organogram of the organisation showing respect to Prof Yunus, who, he said, has earned pride for the country winning the Nobel Peace Prize.
However, Jatiya Party lawmaker Mujibul Haque Chunnu questioned why such an important bill was being passed when the national election is knocking at the door. He suggested taking public opinion before the passage of the bill as “interests of many people have been featured with the bill”.
But the parliament rejected Chunnu’s proposal and passed the bill with voice vote.

  • Shah Mohammad Sayeduzzaman

    May Allah save us from the bad things of all.

  • SM

    After siphoning off Shonali, Rupali, and BASIC, Stock market, etc. and now the corrupt goes after poor women. Pay back will be hard for AL.

  • Shah Mohammad Sayeduzzaman

    May Allah save us.

  • spiderman

    Finally they have made it. Filthy politics will destroy a world recognised and global brand ambassador of Bangladesh. Among the hundreds of wrong this AL government did, this wrong will be among the top ten indeed.

  • Alekanda

    It is wonderful to hear that Mr Muhit acknowledged Dr Yunus’s work. If AL wants to win people’s vote they should leave GB alone and not to go against professor Yunus.