Published: Monday, April 22, 2013

Know context of Baksal

Hasina asks party leaders

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, also  chief of the Awami League, yesterday asked her party lawmakers to equip themselves with adequate knowledge about the background and philosophy of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s formation of Baksal to counter the criticism of it as one-party rule.
She gave the instruction at a meeting of the Awami League Parliamentary Party held at the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban, several AL lawmakers told The Daily Star later.
In 1975, the then AL-led government headed by Bangabandhu formed Baksal, introduced one-party rule and switched over to a presidential form of government by amending the constitution.
This had generated a huge public outcry then, and the AL still faces criticism for this.
Hasina brushed aside criticism of Baksal, saying that formation of such a political platform comprising all political parties and groups was not anything bad in a newly liberated war-torn country or in a crisis period.
“In this regard, she [Hasina] also cited the instance of Singapore where a government was formed comprising representatives from all sections of people during a crisis period, ” Iqbal said.
“You will have to be well equipped with knowledge about all this to fight back those who speak ill of Baksal,” he added, quoting Hasina.
Another lawmaker said the premier asked them to know the philosophy of Baksal and counter the opposition propaganda against it.
Bitterly criticising civil society members for giving different formulas about polls-time government, Hasina said they are complicating the political situation by doing so, according to another lawmaker.
The premier urged the AL lawmakers to remain vigilant to avert possible violence by BNP-Jamaat activists in their constituencies.

  • nds

    It would I think be a fruitless attempt to justify formation of BAKSAL. No arguments on the plea of special context or circumstances would succeed in convincing the people about its rationality. It would rather be prudent to concede that formation of BAKSAL was a regressive step expressing regret for it.

  • sl_jay1946

    BAKSAL of 1975 is obsolete as it belongs to the bygone millennium and regardless of whether in or out of context means SOCIALISM. So,to build BAKSAL spending Capitalist money was NOT acceptable THEN when the name of the game THEN was Socialism.The consequences to try this monstrosity in this new millennium will be Gross suicidal!!

  • Dev Saha

    Well, BAKSAL was not created in a vacuum. My humble guess is that Bangobhandu and his ruling party felt cornered and he sought for an unity government of like minded. The academics should carry out a detail research why it happened and what was consequences of that one party (including other parties) rule. During the height of cold war, many newly independent countries chose the unity government. So, the maneuver was not an outlandish one of that time while many other countries were being ruled by military dictators.

  • Khaleda Alam from Canada

    Please brother don’t predict like this; Allah said to think positive so that yours thinking will take good shape. Just think when you are child then your parent put barricade on you in every steps of life. But when you became learned than you advice your parents or your parents ask you question to solved the problems. Like that when a country born then all the citizens is like child. Allah Varasha. Joy Bangladesh.

  • Khaleda Alam from Canada

    You are wrong AL did not put last nail in the coffin more over AL try to make last goal. As I know the big power that is helping PM Hasina this is their trick to stop the intellectual group from the movement. I am laughing to read all the comments in this page. Please don’t be annoyed to any one and don’t favor any one favor the nation and the country; please try to be a real Bangladeshi and lover of Bangladesh. Allah Varasha. Joy Bangladesh.