Published: Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Love Triangle — an exhibition

When we ladies go shopping we are always in a dilemma — which colour to choose, which style to wear? And whenever we buy a dress, it is not complete without a matching purse and appropriate jewellery. It is in reality a love affair, a triangular love!

“It is very hard to pick just one of them and stay steady, so you don’t end up buying all of them. That is how ‘Love Triangle’ came up,” said Tanziha Nujhat, owner of Wish List, about the exhibition where three Facebook stores — Wish List, Ethereality Personified and Miss Gorgeous came together on 22-23 March, at ADC Empire Plaza to showcase their latest designs.

Wish List displayed their new collections at “Love Triangle”, the inspiration for which were the fashionably conscious. “For people who think fashion is only for skinny girls, I wanted to introduce a new trend where being healthy is in,’” said Tanziha.

Long ‘kurtis’ with different cuts and styles were seen as summer is coming up; colours had been played with. Materials that flow nicely had been used. The fabrics were mostly pure chiffon, linen and georgette with stone embellishments carefully stitched on them. The new designs are very much available on Facebook, and if anyone wants any of the designs an order can be placed.

Wish List offered discounts as well as goodie bags with every purchase and free photos at their photo booth with hand made props.

Ethereality Personified offered purses at a discount rate and there were free gifts with every purchase. “My new designs are completely a tribute to the mighty, shiny summer. We always tend to wear soothing colours in summer. I was bored with the same small purses so I thought why not play with the sizes of the purses as well.

“In this new collection called ‘Bonjour Summer’, I have also tried my level best to greet summer with all the bright colours like hot pink, bright yellow, orange, pure red, shiny blue etc.,” said the owner. The new collections are also available on Facebook and can be remade on order as well.

Miss Gorgeous had different offers throughout the exhibition. It offered a 10 per cent discount to the first 10 customers who bought Tk.2,000 worth of items on Day 1 while on Day 2 they offered a pair of earrings free with every purchase of necklace/long chains.

According to the owner, “The collection was totally new and we mainly focused on necklaces as they are in vogue now and all the new collections will be also available on Facebook for pre-orders. As a first exhibition we got a huge response and tremendous support and love from the customers. Hopefully we will try to throw another exhibition before Eid. The media partner for the exhibition was an online based radio station, Radio Sarah”.

The show was an overall success according to the pleased owners and they hope to bring more such exhibitions for their clientele in the future.