Published: Friday, May 17, 2013


Mahasen strikes

Bangladesh spared the worst

WE thank the Almighty that Cyclone Mahasen that made landfall at mid-afternoon yesterday had spared Bangladesh its full fury. From available information at the time of going to press Mahasen was getting weaker gradually. It has not been as destructive as we had apprehended, and Cox’s’ Bazaar and Teknaf, who had feared the worst, have gotten off lightly.

We are happy to note that response of the government and the relevant agencies has been timely. People were being regularly warned from the very day the low pressure developed, and this is perhaps one of the reasons why there has been no loss of Bangladeshi fishermen in the storm. In the affected regions the local administration was able to evacuate nearly a million people to safer areas. However, there were many who were unwilling to leave their homes till the last minute. And this would have proven dangerous had Mahasen been more severe or lasted longer.

However, there have been several deaths, and the coastal areas, including the Chars, have been inundated, causing loss to standing crops and homesteads. And no time should be lost in providing rehabilitation facilities to the affected people, given that Aila and Sidr victims are to be fully rehabilitated yet.