Published: Wednesday, May 8, 2013

McInnes’s lesson for Dhakaites

With cars, buses, motorbikes and CNG-driven autos converging on the roads, the peak-hour traffic compels Dhakaites to take long head-starts before their outings. The intensity of it, in fact, makes walking—as opposed to travelling by vehicles— a more plausible option these days.
One of the few to follow the latter theory is Richard McInnes, head of the Bangladesh Cricket Board’s National Cricket Academy, who jogged from the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur 2 to his home at Gulshan 1– roughly 7.5 kms — yesterday. And what’s more, he even beat his car home.
His tweet from last evening suggests that he quite enjoyed the experience: Good run home from
work this afternoon. Always interesting in dhaka. 50mins on foot, driver took 90 with our bags. Win:win.
The Australian told The Daily Star that the walk was just a part of his routine— an aspect that majority living in the city may inscribe into their time-table!

  • Sabina G

    Even if we want to follow, our environments won’t allow us to maintain it. I used to jog everyday in the morning and I wanted to keep this habit here too .But I had to stop it after few days, the way people stares it made me feel quite uneasy. I also had plan to ride bicycle but had to shelf that idea as well !!