Published: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rescue at Savar

MKA defends rejection of foreign aid

The government rejected foreign aid for Savar rescue operation as they had proposed to send nothing but expert manpower, said Home Minister Muhiuddin Khan Alamgir yesterday.
“We have enough manpower to conduct the rescue operation and our requirement was rescue equipment,” the minister told journalists at a prize giving ceremony of the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) in the capital.
Terming the Savar rescue operation successful, he said local rescuers had completed the operation within the quickest possible time and with a minimum loss of lives.
Meanwhile, State Minister for Home Shamsul Haque Tuku praised BGB in the prize giving ceremony for protecting the borders, preventing smuggling and human and drug trafficking as well as for their assistance to maintain law and order.
The award ceremony started at Bir Uttam Fazlur Rahman Khandaker auditorium in Pilkhana with a one-minute silence in honour of the people killed and injured in Savar building collapse.
A total of 120 BGB members were awarded with four categories of Padak (Medal) for their heroic performance.
Of them, 30 BGB men got the Border Guard Bangladesh Padak, 2010-12 while 60 others were awarded with the President Border Guard Padak, 2010-12, 10 with the Border Guard Bangladesh (Seba) Padak, 2012 and 20 others with the President Border Guard (Seba) Padak, 2012.
Director General of BGB Maj Gen Aziz Ahmed, and Senior Secretary to home ministry CQK Mustak Ahmed also spoke at the ceremony.

  • trybestone

    They are showing artificial pride and confidence on rescuers’ ability. Where does this confidence go when any minister falls ill? They are instantly flown abroad for life saving to minor issues like ear problem. That means for politicians they deserve the best and for the poor people national pride and domestic abilities and capabilities.

  • Saleh Tanveer

    For the vanity of some in power, some had to be needlessly lose their lives. We are talking about refusing help from trained personnel in foreign countries who are used to work with survivors from crushed buildings in earthquake zones. Wouldn’t Bangladesh, which is used to coping with flood disasters, offer expert help to other countries if they faced flooding disasters? If your government is so confident it can tackle things on its own, why can’t you just ensure that building codes and designs are strictly followed and errant owners are punished for repeated violation of safety codes ?