Published: Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mollah execution ‘anytime’

The Supreme Court today cleared the way for executing death row war criminal Abdul Quader Mollah, rejecting the Jamaat-e-Islami leader’s petition to review his death sentence.

Attorney General Mahbubbey Alam has said there is no legal bar now for executing Mollah, who was instrumental to block the country’s birth in 1971.

After disregarding twice offers to seek presidential clemency, the Jamaat assistant secretary general, known as ‘Koshai Quader’ for his brutal style of torture during the Liberation War, turned down the offer again this afternoon.

“We are aggrieved with the order. Quader Mollah didn’t get justice,” the convict’s counsel Khandker Mahbub Hossain said reacting to the order.

A five-member bench of the Appellate Division headed by Chief Justice Md Muzammel Hossain, dismissed Mollah’s petition on completion of hearing the petition submitted just a few hours ahead of the Jamaat leader’s scheduled execution Tuesday night.

Unhappy over the ruling, the pro-Jamaat lawyers demonstrated angry protest on the SC premises. Pro-government lawyers, meantime, brought out procession on the SC premises chanting slogans against their rival lawyers.

Mollah review petition dismissed

This Star photo taken on February 5 shows, getting life term from a war crimes tribunal, Quader Mollah flashes the V-sign that triggered widespread outrage. The condemned criminal known as Koshai Quader will be executed after zero hours tonight.

Hailing the ruling, different student organisation brought out processions in the capital.

Hundreds of people, especially youths, rushed to Gonojagoron Manch at Shahbagh to celebrate the court sentencing

“It’s another victory for the nation in this month of victory,” said Imran H Sarker, the convenor of the youth platform that came into being on February 5, the day when the International Crimes Tribunal passed a life-term sentence on Mollah.


When the court sat around 9:30am, it first heard arguments whether the petition could be accepted.

As the court asked chief defence counsel Abdur Razzak to start hearing on merit of the review petition, the latter asked it whether it had accepted the petition.

The court said it was yet to take any decision on the maintainability of the petition.

Then, the defence counsel started placing arguments on merit of the petition.

Attorney General Mahbubey Alam was present in the court.

Three hours before Mollah was scheduled to be hanged Tuesday night, his counsels moved to Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain, chamber judge of the Supreme Court to stay the petition.

Responding, the chamber judge stayed the execution process till 10:30am the next day. The regular court, sitting Wednesday, it

If the apex court fails to come up with a decision today, the execution of the condemned Jamaat-e-Islami leader may be stayed for several weeks with the court going on a 19-day vacation from tomorrow.

Mollah filed a petition with the chamber judge Tuesday night, seeking a review of the SC verdict that awarded him death penalty for committing crimes against humanity during the 1971 Liberation War.

The court will reopen on January 2 next year.

The apex court on September 17 sentenced Mollah to death, overruling the judgment of the ICT-2 that had given him life term for committing crimes against humanity in 1971.

  • Vikram Khan

    … and Jamaat is sharping their weapons…

  • poy

    There is even pro-Jamaat lawyers … while common people wondering whether the justice system is biased or not .

  • David

    When does this mean the execution will be?

  • Ismail

    What else you need for justice? There were much transparency in the proceedings and judgement.
    Please do not raise lame excuses to save RAZAKARS

  • Abul Hashem

    I do not know who is right, AL, the witnesses or Qader Mulla. If we assume, Qader Mulla is innocent, why witnesses came forward, risking their lives, to give witness! All the witnesses are false and politically motivated? The witnesses know well it is a life threatening job they are going to do, still they have come to the court. What does it means? It means, they have responsibility towards the victims of the L.War and to the new progeny. We can not say none of the than Muslim league members were not against the L.War and did not help Pak Army to kill our people. If Qader Mulla were involved in the incidents he is accused, his hanging will be his punishment. But if he was not involved in those, he will be ‘Shaheed’ and the witnesses and the AL will be finished by Allah on the day of judgment. We are against all injustices.

  • Zman7

    The people of the country must resist and defeat all the evil forces. Long Live Bangladesh.

  • poy

    These pro-Jamaat lawyers should be tested for tyranny .

  • SM

    This man has no remorse – Let him face the final Justice finally! But we should be human and should not act inhumanly after the hanging is over.

  • Ezajur Rahman

    The prosecutors are seeking nomination on the AL ticket. This, rather than a single hanging, demonstrates the sophistication and maturity of Bangladesh.

  • Ezajur Rahman

    One hanging does not compensate for either three million dead or the condition of our country. Those who think this hanging does compensate have no concept of democracy or justice.

  • Ezajur Rahman

    Wow! Second victory after 41 years – a single hanging! What a great victory!

  • Dev Saha

    The question is whether we can deal with the aftermath of his execution? It would be sad to see innocent people being targeted and firebombed for Mollah’s life. This is rather a surreal situation to see how 71 murderers have gained strength and bringing back the dreadful days of 71. It is probably too late to pardon this man because he will instantly claim his shameless victory with the ironic V sign. Oddly enough that even criminals are going for victory signs?

  • Dev Saha

    The responsibilities for a better and beautiful Bangladesh would not be any less. I hope people do not forget that mantra.

  • Dev Saha

    After 42 years, I do not think people really care to celebrate another POS’s execution. But, if you let him go, that would be even worse. That is why, maybe, we should have given him a face-saving route to avoid the gallows. But he wants to be a hero of innocence, which would be a travesty of justice.

  • Dev Saha

    You are spot on! The problem I see here is that when a Muslim commits a crime, he/she is considered as non-Muslim. But, when a criminal commits crimes and become a pious Muslim person, he/she becomes a sin free person? The logic troubles me.