Published: Friday, May 17, 2013

Monalisa First taste of modelling

File Photo

File Photo

As a child, whenever I watched television, I dreamt of performing in front of a camera one day. Whenever I watched a commercial, I could almost see myself on the screen. But I didn’t when or how that dream would come true.

When I was in high school, my wishes unexpectedly came true. I was offered a role in a Fair and Lovely commercial. The commercial, directed by Tarik Anam Khan, was shot at BFDC. I was tied up in knots in worries the day before the shoot. I had fixed feelings of nervousness and excitement all night, and I remember of waking up very early that morning to get ready.

Entering BFDC and seeing celebrities on the way in was exciting in itself, but the butterflies in my stomach really started to flutter as soon as I saw the camera. The unit crew, however, was very supportive and encouraging.

My mother has helped me a lot through the experience, and it was her inspiration which gave me the strength to face the camera for the first time. The director shouted “Action”, and I mentally took a dive, ignoring the fear that had welled up in me. As soon as the shooting was complete, the entire unit cheered as one. Of the many firsts in my life, this is one that remains brighter than others.