Published: Wednesday, May 8, 2013

N Korea moves missiles from launching site

North Korea has taken a major step back from a planned missile test, US officials said, even as Pyongyang and Seoul exchanged fresh threats yesterday of swift military retaliation to any provocation.
A US defence official said two North Korean missiles — primed for imminent test firing — had been moved from their launch site, signalling a possible easing of North Asia tensions ahead of a US-South Korea summit in Washington.
US and South Korean officials had been worried that any test of the medium-range Musudan missiles would trigger a fresh surge in military tensions that have included threats of nuclear war from Pyongyang.
But the US defence official told AFP on condition of anonymity: “They moved them,” and added that there was no longer an imminent threat of a test.

  • Ali Ahmed

    North Korea might have shifted those to a nearer place to USA to confirm range. Who knows?