Published: Thursday, April 4, 2013

National Film Day celebrated

Ilias Kanchon, ATM Shamsuzzaman, Information minister Hasanul Haq Inu and Pijush Bandapadhyay, among others, at the rally.  Photo: Atl Aakash

Ilias Kanchon, ATM Shamsuzzaman, Information minister Hasanul Haq Inu and Pijush Bandapadhyay, among others, at the rally. Photo: Atl Aakash

National Film Day was celebrated in the country yesterday — for the second consecutive year since the current government declared a special day for the local film industry. Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) put on a festive mood on the occasion, with its premises adorned with colourful posters-banners and an overflow of film personalities — both veteran and young.

Film enthusiasts crowded BFDC on the day; different programmes were also held in other cities and on the district and Upazila levels. Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu inaugurated the day’s programme at BFDC, at around 11am. Also present were BFDC Managing Director, Pijush Bandapadhyay; Information Secretary Hedayetullah Al Mamun; members of the parliamentary standing committee, Information Ministry; key ministry officials; as well as representatives from the film industry. In his speech, the Information Minister asserted that the current government had declared the National Film Day, and it will continue its work for the betterment of the film industry. He added that the government will do all that is in its power for the film industry.  Pijush Bandapadhyay said, “We are proud to be members of the film industry, as the current government had set aside a special day for us. We express our heartiest thanks to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for this.”

Veteran actor ATM Shamsuzzaman also echoed the BFDC chief, saying, “I have spent my whole life with the film industry. At such a ripe age, I got the chance to see the government declare a National Film Day. I express my gratitude to the government.”

Following the inauguration and a brief ceremony, a huge rally — led by the Information Minister — was brought out from BFDC. The rally circled around the SAARC fountain, before returning to BFDC.

Several horse carriages — decorated with banners — trailed the special rally. Band ensembles on the carriages also added the flavor of festivity to the procession. As part of a three-day programme, the first afternoon of the celebration saw a discussion taking place at BFDC, in which film personalities participated. A cultural programme was also held later in the evening. Meanwhile, Bangladesh Film Archive and Bangladesh Film Archive Alumni Association have jointly organised a three-day long exhibition of film posters at the Zainul Art Gallery of Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University. Information Minister also inaugurated this event. On the other hand, a festival featuring early Bangla films is taking place at the Shilpakala Academy in Dhaka. The film showcase will continue till April 5. Channel i has also set up a programme to mark the occasion.